How it Works

You take the shots, we’ll take care of anything you’d like to hand off and do it seamlessly.


You, capturing moments, is where it all starts.


Upload your photos through Lightroom Classic (or other methods).


Detailed color correction to match your personalized style.


Basic and advanced retouching for key photos.


Cull, renumber, upload to gallery. Whatever you need.


We handle detailed color correction and match your personalised style.

Detailed Color Correction

Personalising photos to match your unique style starts with detailed, hand color correction. We pay particular attention to:

Your Personalised Style

Your editing style is unique, important and our guide. We learn each element that makes up your style so that after detailed color correction, we refine each image until it perfectly matches. Our editors incorporate any feedback you have and handle redos if anything isn’t perfect.


We provide basic, advanced and custom retouching for key photos.

Basic & Advanced Retouching

Dodging and burning, blemish removal, skin softening, eye and teeth whitening, basic flyaway removal.

Custom Retouching

Background removal, enhancement and retouching. Object removal. Head, eye, and body part swapping. For anything more involved, reach out to us directly and we can handle it for you.


From culling & renumbering to uploading to galleries, we handle any details that
make your experience seamless.

Fast Digital Delivery

You’ve just finished shooting an event and have another on the horizon. The thought of editing used to loom over your head, but no more. Send us your Lightroom Smart Previews (we handle other formats as well) and we’ll have them back to you quickly.

Workflow Integration

Whether you’re only looking for consistent colour correction, or commonly need basic and advanced retouching or support with culling and renumbering, we customise pricing based on your needs.

Get Started

The first 10 hours are on us. You need to fully trust the editing service you work with. We get to know your style(s) and workflow, and how to make your experience working with us as seamless as possible. If we can’t match your style and workflows, or you’re unhappy for any reason, you can walk away. No commitment, no hidden fees, no strings.